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Todd Morley | SDG 17 “Partnerships”


“Todd’s SDG object is his own mind, “as a symbol of the imperative that all mind are meant to be dedicated to action and purpose.” His SDG is “number 151- adding up all the SDGs to recognize blockchain and frontier technologies as the operating system for all 17 SDGs!”

“I have completely upgraded our thinking to account for the effects – and to invest in businesses – which take advantage of the blockchain. Why? Because it’s Internet 3.0. The blockchain will open new ideas and markets and it will unleash the power of humanity at an exponential pace. And it’s very likely that 50% of the world, WOMEN, will take the lead and utilize the powers of the blockchain. The blockchain is the great equalizer that can be the key catalyst for the Decade Of Women. The superpowers of women are about to roll throughout the world, with tsunami-like force.

The blockchain offers safe and connectivity with intention. Purpose-driven people are proliferating these new protocols so unheard voices and unseen faces can find a market, find capital, and find protection due to the unique state of the blockchain protocol and the open ledge system. Intention is now unhackable!

That’s why I was honored to participate in the 5th Element Group lead Decade Of Women Collaboratory, that blew me away in every aspect of caliber. And it’s why I’m pledging to focus my best (100%) energy toward this blockchain space.”