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Tim Fain | SDG 17 “Partnerships For The Goals”


Tim’s SDG is #17, Partnerships for the Goals. “Through my music, I hope to engender universal connectivity that like music, knows no boundaries. SDG #17 could perhaps be seen like the conductor of an orchestra of solutions, bringing all the instruments into harmony towards a sustainable world.”

The violin is my voice. Through this gift of music I have been able to connect with other people on a deep level. I am truly thankful for this opportunity. If I can inspire even just a few people, in the way that music can, to think of themselves as part of a much larger family on earth here with our brothers and sisters, then perhaps this feeling can grow and spread.

Art is about infinite love, and the power of emotion, inclusiveness and connection. Music uniquely can transcend the artificial boundaries we have created between ourselves. It is a exchange from one person to another; an exchange of love. As we near a time of decreased scarcity, should not our world views and financial systems alike be grown from that same vast reserve of love and truth?

Let’s work to bring the fluidity of love at the level of music into new financial means of value exchange and sustainably generated digital assets. Let’s work to bring women and men together with an equal share in the future which we will hand to our children. 5th Element Group stands at the center of this endeavor, and I hope you will join us on this journey.