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Ron Garan | SDG 17 “Partnerships”


Ron’s SDG is #17, Partnerships for the Goals. The object he holds is a photo of Earth Rise, the 1968 first image of Earth even seen from space, symbolizing the need for “humanity to embrace radical collaboration as essential for the future of all life on earth.”

“Seeing our world from space proclaims the fact that we are one people traveling through the Universe together on one planet toward one shared destiny. What was clear from my six months in space was that unity is required to solve the many challenges facing our world. Not just the unity of different nations and
cultures but the unity of men and women working together to build the future. We can only do that if we work to remove those systems and prejudices that conspire to hold women back.

Women, as the bearers of life, have a special and sacred roll in civilization — a role that needs to be expanded and exalted. Women hold key pieces of the puzzle that are absolutely critical to our continued advancement and we all need to work to incorporate those special gifts.”