Collaborations Announced from Blockchain for Impact Summit Published June 22, 2018 | By Api Podder

Collaborations Announced from Blockchain for Impact Summit

#BFIS2018 Produces Notable “Impact Tech” Alliances

The impact continues to be felt from the inaugural Blockchain for Impact Global Summit (#BFIS2018) at the United Nations in June.

Blockchain for Impact, an extension of the Blockchain Commission for Sustainable Development, is a collaborative, convening, advocacy and action platform designed to allow thought leaders in the blockchain space to engage with leaders in the UN system to apply blockchain technology to sustainable development and humanitarian challenges.

“We are inviting visionary industry stakeholders representing the full breadth of the blockchain ecosystem into a robust, future-based, multi-track global conversation about social innovation, fair and consistent public policy and responsible guidelines for industry governance,” said Summit organizer Efraim Wyeth.

The unprecedented gathering drew more than 400 people representing 380 organizations and featured keynote speakers, moderators and panelists from the United Nations, government, military, and leading technology and blockchain groups. The agenda included panels and breakout sessions on data decentralization in the future, regulation of crypto and capital, earth systems, refugee resettlement and many other areas where blockchain will have great influence. The innovative design of BFI, previewed at its first event, will activate solutions through collaborations, and the announcements of such collaborations are already being released.

5th Element Group founder Vincent Molinari and CEO Tony DiMatteo, along with Neelam Brar, Founder and CEO of Blockhous, spoke on a panel titled “How Blockchain Can Fuel Blended Impact Finance to Scale the SDGs,” moderated by Joseph Barisonzi, a partner at SDG Systems. The significance of their participation on the panel was highlighted in the new partnership announcement between 5th Element and, whereby the two companies will work to exponentiate support for the SDGs by jointly offering the first series of Global Impact Raffles, with a targeted priority to support women’s leadership and financial sovereignty towards realizing each of the SDGs — beginning with the challenge of World Hunger.

“The Global Impact Raffles are designed as OmniWin opportunities engaging and benefiting all stakeholders in providing a safe and fun platform for a first-of-kind worldwide raffle that provides people a new means to support the SDG-aligned causes they care about most,” said DiMatteo. “And as this grows, we’ll help more people be a part of a much larger global community that connects across all the specific SDG ecosystems.”

Molinari noted during the panel that “More collaboration between public and private actors, including regulators, is needed to advance the blockchain space and achieve a broader global impact.”

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