Decade Of Women Celebrates the Launch of the Year of Women

Decade Of Women Celebrate the Launch of the Year of Women Campaign

Founded by Quantum Impact Champion, Marianne Schnall

New York, New York. The Decade Of Women — a worldwide solutions campaign dedicated to complete the Equity Revolution, initiated by 5th Element Group — announced today its promotional partnership with the Year of Women campaign. 

Proponents of gender equity argue that UN Sustainable Development Goal #5 is a prerequisite for achieving all the other Sustainable Development Goals. 2018 appears to be emerging as a vital pivot in our shared societal trajectory. Representatives of the Decade Of Women joined with Year of Women campaign organizers at the launch events in New York City this week.

The Year of Women was inspired and developed by Marianne Schnall, an accomplished journalist, author of What Will It Take To Make A Woman President: Conversations About Women, Leadership and Power, and a long-time advocate for women’s rights and leadership. In 1995, she founded, encouraging women to have an online presence, and is still using her voice to pave the way for women, from founding the What Will It Take movement to writing this highly-circulated CNN article, 2018 Will Be the Year of Women, expressing reasons for women to be optimistic about this year. 

These continued strides have earned her the title of UN Champion of Change and Quantum Impact Award Recipient by the Decade Of Women, in honor of her extraordinary heart for full gender equity and the great strides she has made to use her influence to make meaningful change.

Schnall reminds us that "parity for women isn't a ‘women's issue,’ it is a human issue. We all benefit from a more equal and just world. We face so many serious problems in the world right now, and we urgently need women's vital voices and visions as stewards of this planet. The time is NOW to come together collectively to boldly move the needle forward towards transformative change. The energy is there – it just needs to be focused and harnessed.”

About the Quantum Impact Award
As part of the Decade Of Women, the Quantum Impact Awards were created to honor those who show extraordinary heart for full gender equity and have gone to great lengths to use their influence to make meaningful change. The Quantum Impact Award is made of beautiful, age-old lava from Iceland, in recognition of the fact that Iceland has been declared the leading nation for gender equity for the past nine years.

About the Decade Of Women
Launched on International Women’s Day in New York, together with 5th Element Group and Thomson Reuters, the Decade Of Women solutions and action campaign announced their dedication to Completing the Equity Revolution. The Decade Of Women has brought forth a #WeUniteWe Pledge as part of a decade-long series of bold commitments to Celebrate, Unite and Exponentiate the progress of both women and men to get to complete the gender equity revolution, and realize UN Sustainable Development Goal #5 by 2030.

About 5th Element Group
5th Element Group is the first for-benefit (“B-Corps”) holding company aggregating an Innovation Supercluster of the human, intellectual and financial web of global connectivity required to generate a new form of Quantum Economics and thereby deliver the UN Sustainable Development Goals and massively accelerate our transition into the Fifth Industrial Revolution. 5th Element Group launched the Decade Of Women to activate this process and functions as the coordinating body for the Innovation Supercluster.

About the Year of Women
A bold platform that aggregates women's initiatives and unifies the voices of supporters, creating inspiring stories and a series of global events that facilitate dialogue, empower people to act and influence change. Year of Women will host 12 nationwide events over the course of a year, facilitating an ongoing dialogue around female empowerment and the elevation of women in business, politics, and finance.