Gina Torry and Ingrid Stange as Co-Recipients of Quantum Impact Award

Decade Of Women Selects Gina Torry and Ingrid Stange as Co-Recipients of the Quantum Impact Award

Stange Cited for Modeling and Exponentiating Gender Equity for the Decade Of  Women

Oslo, Norway.  The Decade Of Women — a worldwide solutions campaign dedicated to completing the Equity Revolution — continues to announce recipients for its Quantum Impact Awards, sponsored by 5th Element Group, naming Gina Torry and Ingrid Stange, co-founders of the International Center for Dialogue and Peacebuilding. Profiles as well as interview remarks from Torry and Stange have been released at today.

Together, Torry and Stange co-founded the International Center for Dialogue and Peacebuilding, which provides a physical site and professional environment conducive to dialogue, mediation, and advanced learning. It prioritizes conversations around conflict prevention and peacebuilding, supporting and advancing work on: early warning, disarmament; poverty; non-partisan democracy assistance; climate, water and food security; empowerment of women and girls; indigenous issues, and the promotion of youth led civic engagement.

Gina Torry is an international peace and security expert and gender advisor, specializing in the protection of civilians and support to mediation and peace processes. For almost two decades, she has worked extensively with the United Nations and its member states, including the United Nations Security Council and the Department of Political Affairs Mediation Support Unit, where she provided support to UN mediators and technical input to the drafting of ceasefire agreements. In 2007, Ms. Torry was invited, as Coordinator of the NGO Working Group on Women, Peace and Security, to address the UN Security Council in an Open Debate. She also supported the Director of the Norwegian Nobel Institute in the establishment of the Nobel Peace Prize Forum Oslo – an international peace congress that takes place as part of the official annual Nobel Peace Prize Award ceremonies in Oslo.

Ingrid Stange has been a leading force in the effort to foster a greater culture of philanthropy and corporate social responsibility in Norway. She serves on the board of directors of a number of organizations promoting social innovation, developing sustainable business in challenged countries, and meeting climate challenges. She serves on the advisory board of the Oslo Center for Peace and Human Rights, the Sahara Forest Project, and the IIX (Impact Investment Exchange, Singapore). She has founded the Norwegian NGO Partnership for Change focusing on empowering women and youth to build economic independence through education and business development.

Upon receiving the Quantum Impact Award, Ingrid said “I have always believed strongly in Margaret Mead´s famous quote that we should ‘never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.’ As social change makers we all work hard and relentlessly to change those areas of society that we care most for. To be recognised with the Quantum Impact award was a great surprise and a great boost to keep going to ensure a world where we can all live well within the limits of our planet.

We are standing on the shoulders of generations before us in our common endeavours. They have paved the way - and they have moved mountains -  now it is up to us to  walk the last miles - and we must make sure we leave no women behind. Now is the time to reach our goals - for women all over the world. We have the tools, and the groundwork was done by our foremothers. Reaching the SDGs is a prerequisite to save humanity - and by focusing on SDG 5, we help build a peace army carrying half the world.”

Together, Ingrid Stange and Gina Torry are a force for global peace, using their influence to galvanize others to achieve gender equity this decade. The Decade Of Women community is proud and humbled to support and work alongside both of these women. Collaborations are anticipated throughout the next decade and beyond.


About the Decade Of Women

Launched on International Women’s Day in New York, together with 5th Element Group and Thomson Reuters, the Decade Of Women solutions and action campaign announced their dedication to Completing the Equity Revolution. The Decade Of Women has brought forth a #WeUniteWe Pledge as part of a decade-long series of bold commitments to Celebrate, Unite and Exponentiate the progress of both women and men to get to complete the gender equity revolution, and realize UN Sustainable Development Goal #5 by 2030.

About the Quantum Impact Award

As part of the Decade Of Women, the Quantum Impact Awards were created to honor those who show extraordinary heart for full gender equity and have gone to great lengths to use their influence to make meaningful change. The Quantum Impact Award is made of beautiful, ageold lava from Iceland, in recognition of the fact that Iceland has been declared the leading nation for gender equity for the past nine years.

About 5th Element Group

5th Element Group is the first for-benefit (“B-Corps”) holding company aggregating an Innovation Supercluster of the human, intellectual and financial web of global connectivity required to generate a new form of Quantum Economics and thereby deliver the UN Sustainable Development Goals and massively accelerate our transition into the Fifth Industrial Revolution. 5th Element Group launched the Decade Of Women to activate this process and functions as the coordinating body for the Innovation Supercluster.

About International Center for Dialogue and Peacebuilding

The International Center for Dialogue and Peacebuilding will provide a physical site and professional environment conducive to dialogue, mediation, and advanced learning. It will host leaders from government, international organizations, business, and civil society to dialogue and take action around drivers of and solutions to conflict — providing a space for building sustainable local, national and international peace and security.