Bokhari Cited for Modeling and Exponentiating Gender Equity for the Decade Of Women

iCrowdNewswire - May 17, 2018

Oslo, Norway —  The Decade Of Women — a worldwide solutions campaign dedicated to completing the Equity Revolution — continues to announce recipients for its Quantum Impact Awards, sponsored by 5th Element Group, naming Laila Bokhari today.  Profiles as well as interview remarks from Bokhari have been released at today.

Laila Bokhari is the former State Secretary and Deputy Minister for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Norway. Before becoming a politician, Bokhari had a long career as a researcher on security policy, counter terrorism and religious and political extremism at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (Nupi), the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI), and King’s College, London, among other institutions of note.

As part of the Decade Of Women, the Quantum Impact Awards were created to honor those who show extraordinary heart for full gender equity and have gone to great lengths to use their influence to make meaningful change. The Quantum Impact Award is made of beautiful, age-old lava from Iceland, in recognition of the fact that Iceland has been declared the leading nation for gender equity for the past nine years.

“What an incredible honour and responsibility,” Bokhari said.  “I think of all the remarkable women (and men!) whose shoulders I stand on – the many who have fought the fights for us, who have helped carve out the way for us – and remind myself what a responsibility it is for all of us to carry on the work. To continue to see and raise the voice of young women globally so we as a society as a whole can get the best out of our potential!”

“Even if the Nordic countries have come a long way and are among the most egalitarian societies, we still see glass ceilings,” Bokhari continued. “It is important to work together – for both women and men – to find solutions, and at the same time remember that this is a global target as so powerfully agreed upon by our leaders through the SDGs. Leadership is about using the platform you have been given and your voice to look for solutions for better futures, and to help others reach their platforms to use their voices.”

Laila Bokhari is pursuing a mission that the Decade Of Women community is proud and humbled to support and work alongside. Collaborations are anticipated throughout the next decade and beyond.

The Decade Of Women campaign is distinct in focusing on levering the vital power of frontier technologies across blockchain and digital assets to at last achieve economic engagement and financial independence of all women. This will require the unlocking of capital to allow frontier technologies to scale. The laser-sharp focus is on actionable, large-scale initiatives to harness the power of exponential new technology to advance the Decade Of Women.

About the Decade Of Women
Launched on International Women’s Day in New York, together with 5th Element Group and Thomson Reuters, the Decade Of Women solutions and action campaign announced their dedication to Completing the Equity Revolution. The Decade Of Women has brought forth a #WeUniteWe Pledge as part of a decade-long series of bold commitments to Celebrate, Unite and Exponentiate the progress of both women and men to get to complete the gender equity revolution, and to realize UN Sustainable Development Goal #5 to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls by 2030.

About 5th Element Group
5th Element Group is the first for-benefit (“B-Corps”) holding company aggregating an Innovation Supercluster of the human, intellectual and financial web of global connectivity required to generate a new form of Quantum Economics and thereby deliver the Sustainable Development Goals and massively accelerate our transition into the Fifth Industrial Revolution. 5th Element Group functions as the coordinating body — providing the financial administration, project management, integration services, marketing, and syndication for the people and partners required to launch and grow an impact-dedicated Innovation Supercluster.