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Lauren Selig | SDG 15 “Life on Land”


Lauren’s commitment to “Life on Land’ begins at home with her two daughters and “extends to all humans who have overcome unspeakable hardships, to the animals who battle on the brink of extinction, and the recognition that our environment is a precious gift to be stewarded forward for future generations.”

Our collective human story remains unwritten. While the threat of global catastrophic risks loom large, I wholly believe in our capacity to rise up to our challenges, and to make the seemingly impossible, possible.

As a filmmaker and storyteller, I offer my lens to the bold humans who dare to imagine new Truths; the renegades and the innovators who will from their heart and minds create a better world for all, and the relentless warriors who battle each and every day to overcome unspeakable obstacles.   

I see the 5th Element as an imaginative catalyst to ignite a profound shift. It is an invitation to dream on a scale worthy of the challenges we face, and to welcome forward a new society built from a new story and new reality of abundance generated by exponentiating technologies.