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Holly Ruxin | SDG 3 “Health And Well-Being”


“Holly’s SDG is #3. She holds her son, Trevor, an embodiment of her commitment to “Good Health and Well-Being” for all life. Trevor lost all functioning in 2008, and Holly is clear the blessing Trevor gave her and so many others is to remind us we are here to live a life of love and purpose.”

​“No matter the size of your abundance, participating in a healthy socioeconomic structure is the path to all advancement. Providing women with the tools to feel empowered and in control of their finances is imperative to a better humanity. Fully attaining equality for women in every aspect of business and the broader economy begins with a woman’s engagement with her finances. Beyond that, the possibilities are unlimited.

Engaging with 5th Element Group where we create a system of exchange that truly values human beings is imperative to co-creating our better world.”