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Dr. Jane Thomason | SDG # 16 “Peace & Justice”


Jane’s SDG object is a famous traditional Afghan female dress known as the ‘Gand e Afghani’ made from softly flowing and intricately embroidered materials, originally from the Pashtun tribe, but also adopted by various other ethnicities including Tajiks, Hazara, and Uzbeks which holds a message of acceptance. It was a gift of thanks to Dr. Thomason from an Afghan refugee family. She wore it to shine a spotlight onto the plight of displaced women and girls globally, and to remind people that we can all help (even in a small way) to ease the suffering in their lives.

For the first time in human history, we have the technological tools that will enable us to connect the bottom billion unbanked to the global economy, to provide digital identity to stateless people, to make micro-grid solar power ubiquitous and through smart contracts, to direct benefits to women and girls. In this Decade Of Women, we must harness these digital tools and our collective ambition to create a global, connected, distributed token economy to transform lives of women and girls across the globe and achieve Quantum Impact.