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This coin – featuring the first woman elected to Congress, Jeannette Rankin – will be the second of a global series of “Women of Change” coins to launch, on the eve of International Women’s Day. This physical coin made of pure silver, serves also as a representation of a digital wallet, for storing cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. Every coin sold will benefit women’s empowerment projects around the world.

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Founded by Pari Ibrahim, Free Yezidi Foundation is responding to the brutal genocide of the Yezidi community by ISIS through a variety of strategic support initiatives for women and children, from psychological services to computer skills training, that help these victims re-enter society.

We may have reached our goal, that shouldn’t stop the momentum of #WomenRising!

I believe our goal should be to make this Decade Of Women the last one that is ever needed to achieve gender equity in all respects. We have a lot of work ahead, today is just the beginning.
— Tony DiMatteo, Co-Founder and CEO, Lottery.com